Why is the APR so high for a payday loan

Payday Loans APR Criticisms – The Facts Of the hundreds of accusations and allegations thrown at the payday lender every day, there are none quite as ongoing and as common as those centred around so-called excessive APR figures. Generally speaking, each and every time a person takes the name of a payday lender in vain,…

How to Determine a Poor-Quality Payday Lender

While the vast majority of payday lenders on the market today are as reputable and of excellent value as each other, it is nonetheless impossible to wipe out a small population of those to the contrary. That being said, it is however entirely possible to avoid ever falling for one of the industry’s lesser payday…

Bad economy means many will take on more debt

In a bad economy, many consumers have trouble with getting credit extended to them. Online loan lenders are becoming great to utilize because they do not require a credit check.

Are you working class?

Assuming that you are someone that is living in what is classified as the working class or the working population, you really don’t need anyone to tell you just how tough things have gotten in terms of the economy.